How much are a set of dentures?

This varies with the type of denture, whether a client is private, pension or health care card holder or a department of veterans affairs gold card holder. South Australia and Victoria have different schedules for concession card holders and the wait times are also a varying factor. Contact the clinic for a treatment plan.

My dentures are loose and moving around?

The bone and gum are continually shrinking, this varies between patients and how long the natural dentition has been gone for. Generally dentures need relining about every 3-4 years and replacing every 8-10 years, this also varies between patients.

What should I clean my dentures with?

Warm soapy water and a nice soft denture brush, 2-3 times a day. Some dentures get staining or calculus build up, this can be contributed to factors such as diet, medication, quality of saliva and cleaning practices. Soaking agents are also available and can be useful in some cases.

My lower denture has no suction?

Not many people have suction with lower dentures, unlike the upper where the palate is covered in which creates a seal with the saliva and the tissue on top of the mouth. Lower dentures are held in by the muscles in the cheeks, lips and tongue the bone structure on the lower is important for those muscles to work against giving a patient their denture control.

As we get older and the bone structure disappears and the muscles get weaker the denture control is limited. It is very important at this stage that the dentures are fitting well, the occlusion is correct and the denture is the right size and shape. Relining and replacing dentures regularly is very important.

Consultation is the best way to discuss costs and wait list times.
Consultations are free and can be arranged by phoning for visiting the clinics.